Post Achilles Surgery Week 20 – I’m High as a Kite and I Just Might…

Happy Friday! Yes, I know it’s Thursday but it’s a Friday for me. I swear I’m not trying to rub it in everyone’s faces even though that’s EXACTLY what I seem to be doing. My bad.

This week is my first official week where I get to run miles, as opposed to minutes. Tuesday was the first day of running miles since December 13th, I’ll always remember that date. At first, I wanted to run with people and kind of celebrate but then I decided that I just kind of wanted to be alone in the dark.

Running has felt a little strange, but I think my form stayed pretty normal. My “baby calf” (that’s what I’ve named my weakened calf on the injured side) held up okay for the first mile but started to tire a little in the 2nd. My lungs haven’t felt the strain of distance running in quite sometime and that’s noticeable. None of that matters. I RAN 2 MILES.

I really was that excited.

I need to rewind a bit. On Saturday, there was a wedding! A great wedding at that. My friends Michael and Brooke (both runners) tied the knot and several of the running buddies were there to celebrate the day. I think we did a pretty great job of it. Runners are good, fun people.

Robbie and I went Rocky IV. 

My darling wife (a non-runner, soccer player type) did a pretty good job of putting up with us. I think she had a good time too. We even danced (horribly, me at least). These pictures capture us well, I think.


Okay, back to the running stuff. So last week, I said that I hoped to run with friends and have some coffee. Well, I did.

Missed this more than I can say.

This was a great run. Even my non-runner (soon to be runner) work buddy Cody aka Lil Code showed up. 3 miles was the longest he’d ever run and he did GREAT. I really didn’t have any trouble getting 3 miles done and even picked it up to a about a 6:40/mile pace for the last quarter mile or so. I got that sweet, sweet runner’s high. My baby calf is a little sore now, but it’s nowhere near my repaired tendon and feels completely like muscle fatigue. I look at it as feeding that baby calf until it grows into a strong bull.

I mustered up the energy to train at lunch time and do some strength training. I still need to get these glutes firing!

Well, that’s it for this week. Soon enough, I won’t be titling my posts with post Achilles surgery anything. I’ll have to get more creative.

Hope you all have a great weekend, whenever it may start.


7 Replies to “Post Achilles Surgery Week 20 – I’m High as a Kite and I Just Might…”

  1. I can’t imagine how good it must feel! I’ve gotten in a slump and just not ran before, but I’ve never not been physically able to run. That lil’ baby will make a comeback as well! So glad you’re getting to do what you love again! #teamburnshine

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