Post Achilles Surgery Wk 18 – Mr. Blue Sky, Please Tell us Why you had to Hide Away for so Long?

Happy Friday, friends! It’s a long title, but very fitting for the weather these days. I spent yesterday freezing my tail off up at Luray Caverns for my daughter’s field trip (it WAS awesome though) and then I froze some more at my son’s baseball game (also awesome).

As you can see, I ran out of steam. Kayli did NOT.



The Lynchburg area was hit with tornados last week and areas way too close to home were severely damaged and people were impacted. We always think the tornado will end up somewhere else, but sometimes it doesn’t. I told my children they had nothing to fear, but maybe they do.

The forecast is looking better, just in time to skip all of that awesome Spring stuff and get right to the life-sucking heat of summer. The good news is, it’s looking like I’m going to be ready just in time for this warmer weather. That’s good for my sanity, because it KILLS me to see runners out and about when I can’t join them!

I’m still rehabbing my surgically repaired achilles, but the nature of physical therapy has changed. It used to be a 50/50 split of work and coddling. It’s pretty much 95% work now. PT sessions are just a butt whooping session. Usually it consists of lots of single leg and balance stuff. Nothing keeps me tuned in to how much work I have left more than single leg heel raises. My baby calf wears out in a hurry!

I’m able to do most everything now. I can do full squats (I like goblet squats) and I’m getting pretty good at jumping rope again. My calf and tendon area are still stiff in the morning and when I sit around too much. I was told that probably will be the case for a year or more. Such is life.

I’m able to run every other day! I’m splitting my runs up between running outside (on the road) and running on a manual treadmill. The manual treadmill seems to really kick my butt (literally, my butt. Hamstrings too.). Anybody else use a manual treadmill much? What do you think?

3 minute intervals on the manual treadmill. I hit Zone 5! I’ve missed that, in a sick way.

I’m currently running 3 minute intervals (4 of them) for a workout. I do that again tomorrow then if all goes well I move up to 4 minute intervals. After 2 of those, I move up to 5 minute intervals, but after that…I START RUNNING MILES!!!

This means the first week of May is my target to log real miles. I’m hoping that friends will join me that day. We might end up having one heck of an after party!

I had an action packed week. The weekend is here and boy am I ready for it. I couldn’t wait for it to come, so I had a beer last night (only one). I think I earned it…


15 Replies to “Post Achilles Surgery Wk 18 – Mr. Blue Sky, Please Tell us Why you had to Hide Away for so Long?”

  1. Never tried a manual treadmill. It would probably do me some good though. Is it supposed to improve running form? My quads and hamstrings get imbalanced sometimes, maybe that would help?!?
    Sounds like you are making rapid improvements which is awesome!!!
    I had no idea tornados hit Virginia… We had one touch down about 4 minutes away a year or two ago but usually they don’t get dangerously close. Crazy weather these days.

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    1. Tornado watches are pretty common for a lot of the summer. These were a couple of miles from my house. I think the manual treadmill can improve form if you’re imbalanced. You really can’t make it go very well without using some butt. I plan on using it one day a week at a minimum.

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  2. Yay, that’s great news! Well, not the tornadoes. I’ve never used a manual treadmill before but I’ve always been intrigued by them, I would like to try one but none of the gyms have them nor did the PT I was going to. Good luck with your next intervals!

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  3. I think I tried a manual treadmill once. My friend’s boyfriend had one. Or it might have just not been plugged in haha. Either way, it was really tough to run on and I lasted about a 10th of a mile before I decided I hated it.
    Glad the tornado missed you and you’ve got a target date for your first MILES!

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