Post Achilles Surgery Week 16.5 – The One Where I Ran!!!!

Hello! This week’s title isn’t from a song and it isn’t from a movie. It doesn’t matter, BECAUSE I RAN!!!!

It was only 4×1 minute intervals, but it was a runner’s high to the nth power! Pure joy. We’ll get to more of that, but I’ll also take the time to recap my week.

Thursday night was the home opener for our hometown high A baseball team, the Lynchburg Hillcats. I was very happy to attend the game.

I froze my butt off, but there isn’t much prettier than a ball park on a home opener.

Friday, I ran 2 miles on an Alter G treadmill. It’s basically a treadmill with an isolated chamber below the waist that pressurizes to “lift you up” and reduce your effective body weight. If you’d like a better description, I posted about it last week (read here). That was a great experience, but I won’t be needing the Alter G anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚


On Saturday, I ranย walked the Point of Honor 5k. My good friend and runemy Jeremy walked with me. Jeremy brought donuts, so we ate more than we burned off during the 5k. We stuck to Olympic race-walking rules and never once had both feet off of the ground. Jeremy managed to edge me out by 1 second. I think he meant to do that!


The girls dominated, both the race AND the picture.

It was really great to be out with the running community of Lynchburg again in a race environment. Walking wasn’t SO bad. Luckily, this might be the only race that I have to walk because….I RAN TODAY.

We also went out for a little post race gathering, where there was beer, trash talk and plans for the running future.

The tough guy look is for you, Preston Evans.

So that covers most of the week, but I saved the best part for last. Today I had a physical therapy appointment and THEY LET ME RUN! I’m using a TruForm treadmill, which unlike most treadmills, doesn’t have a motor. You have to power it yourself like a hamster would. The good part is that it sort of forces you to run more with your glutes and hamstrings. The bad part is that it sort of forces you to run more with your glutes and hamstrings.

Did I mention that I RAN?! I was allowed 4×1 minute intervals (as I said earlier), but they felt SO GOOD. I really didn’t struggle much at all with the fact that I had a torn achilles. Everything felt very natural. I managed to speed up to around a 7:00 mile pace and it felt great!

It’s been 16 weeks, 4 days and now about 19 hours since the injury occurred. I’ve been staying positive and working hard all to build up to today. I’m as happy as I’ve been in a long time. I have so many people to thank (and God too). So many friends (both “real life” and “internet”) have said things to inspire me and to keep me focused. I thank you all so much. I don’t want to get all sappy, but you all mean a lot to me. My physical therapists have been amazing too. They inspired confidence and trust and they have been tough on me when I need it.

I’m not done working yet. I have a 5 phase plan that started today and if all goes well, I’ll be through it in 2 weeks. Then I get to really run, but with mileage limitations. Based on today, I KNOW I’m going to crush what’s left to be done and get fully cleared for takeoff.

Maybe I’ll see you at the next race.


18 Replies to “Post Achilles Surgery Week 16.5 – The One Where I Ran!!!!”

  1. HELL YES!! So so so so excited for you! I’m glad you finally had your day and there are more great ones to soon come. The fun has begun!

    p.s. Your title wasn’t from anything but it was Friends themed…”The one where….” ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. HELL YES! (looks like Chris and I had the same reaction). I only started following your blog near the tail end of the injury journey, but it’s been awesome to follow. Way to stick to it, be patient, stay positive. You deserve all the happiness right now. Hope the build-up goes well for you!

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  3. Wooo I bet that felt amazing! All your physical therapy sounds like it’s been keeping you strong. I remember when I had mono in 2010 and my spleen was enlarged so I wasn’t allowed to workout until my blood work was normal which took about a month. I went to the track and ran 2 laps and about died. You seem to be in a much better place to get back to racing!

    Also what the heck is a “hillcat”? I coach the “wildcats” and we have schools who are the “bobcats” and “bearcats” (I don’t know what a bearcat is either) but never heard of a hillcat!

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  4. Congrats!! Look at you, RUNNING! You’ve done an admirable job sticking with PT and keeping a mostly positive attitude through this whole ordeal, and it’s paying off. You earned those 4×1-minute intervals!

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  5. Just tuning in but huge congrats! Sounds like quite the journey and definitely a milestone worth celebrating.

    You’re also an inspiration as I feel as though I’m mentally preparing myself to walk my first race after coming back from injury – so thank you a million for that!

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    1. Never too late to tune in! Little milestones to celebrate are the key to staying positive and recovering quickly.

      I hope you have a great first race back. Walking a race is different but great in its own way. What is (was) your injury?

      I’m really glad that you’re inspired by my posts. That makes it so worth writing them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Plantar fasciitis… Single tear lol. Currently my 8th week on the sideline, but starting to be able to run short distances again. Trouble is I’m two months behind on my training schedule – and getting back to where I was will still take a while!

        It’s all about detachment, right?? ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. That it is haha. Plantar fasciitis can be pretty awful and nagging from what I hear. Glad to hear youโ€™re on the right track. Youโ€™ll catch up on that training ๐Ÿ˜€

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