Post Achilles Surgery Week 14 – He’s Not a Machine! He’s a Man!

Good morning! I’m a little late on this one, but better late than never. This week’s post title comes from a movie that most of you have seen. My wife hasn’t seen it…yet. We watched the first three of the series, so this one is on deck (that’s a pretty good hint, I think).

So last week I left off by saying that I had an appointment with the surgeon coming up. Well, I had the appointment. It took all of three minutes. He had me do a couple of things, I told him what the PTs were having me do and that was really about it. He DID talk about running though. It was his opinion that I could be RUNNING on the treadmill in 4 weeks (just about 3 weeks now). He said RUNNING!

I tried not to hug him and also tried not to run out of the building, I was so excited! I decided that I would tell a few people the good news, but that I wouldn’t tell my PTs. I wanted them to come to a similar conclusion all on their own. When they found out that I had the appointment, they pretty much waterboarded the info out of me so I had to tell them. The best news was that they agreed! They had felt for some time that I was close to being ready and they hoped that he didn’t disagree.

The PTs have worked out an “accelerated” rehab program for me to get back as quickly as possible. The intensity has noticeably increased. I’ve been doing lots of single leg stuff (which I hate) and the agility drills have gained intensity. My last session on Thursday really wore me out. I was pretty sore from ankle to calf and I busted out an ice pack, which is something I hadn’t done in quite some time.

The soreness in the tendon area had me feeling something I hadn’t felt in at least a couple of months, fear and doubt. For several weeks now, I’ve been confident and almost cocky about how well things are going. My workouts have been a formality and I’ve imagined that as soon as the PTs give me the green light to take my first strides that I’ll gallop off into the sunset and never look back and it will be as if this whole nightmare never even happened. That’s a nice thought. Thursday’s workout was a little bit of a reality check for me. I might actually get back to running, but this injury won’t disappear quite so easily. I need to be mentally prepared for adversity, for difficulty, and for setbacks.

I decided that I needed to get over my fear, so I went to the gym the next day and did several cardio machines that didn’t put too much stress on the tendon area. The arc trainer seemed to really loosen things up nicely and had me forgetting all about that butt kicking of a PT session on Thursday. I have another PT session tomorrow, so that’ll probably jog my memory and help keep me humble.

One thing that I’ve noticed is what seems to be a correlation between how little I run and how much I drink. I guess when you don’t have a run at the crack of dawn, that makes it a little easier to stay up for a nightcap.

A little whiskey’ll do ya good.

This last little bit is non-rehab or running related, but I thought it was cool. I’ve been frantically looking through my stuff trying to find my birth certificate so that I can get my passport. In that process, I’ve found lots of old stuff that I haven’t paid attention to in quite some time. I found this old picture from back in my Navy days. I was all of 20 years old and thought I had it ALL figured out. I didn’t. The three of us in the pic went by the name “Team Wilson”. The little “W” tattoo is a memento. The story of Team Wilson is probably worthy of its own post, but some friends have heard it. I haven’t heard from these guys in what feels like forever and I really hope wherever they are, they’re doing well.

I haven’t changed a bit.

Well, that’s it for this week’s recap. As far that what’s coming up, I might try an Alter-G treadmill! Other than that, I’ll just do what I’m told by the PTs. I’ll continue to stay positive and be excited, while also trying not to underestimate my opponent that is this injury. I hope you all have a great week!


16 Replies to “Post Achilles Surgery Week 14 – He’s Not a Machine! He’s a Man!”

  1. Oh gosh, finding old pics is hilarious!! How many tattoos do you have?

    Also, my coach had me do some strength training for Phoenix and nothing humbled me more than single legged squats. I hate those things, lol!!

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    1. I’m soooooo bad at those. The PTs laugh because of how bad runners are at single leg stuff even though we spend so much time on one leg when running. That’s only for split seconds though haha.

      Tattoos I have 2. The other one I’m not super proud of Haha.

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      1. Yeah, I was 18 when I got my first. It wasn’t very well thought out haha. My W is dorky but at least it has heart. 😀

        I wouldn’t mind another one if it has a purpose.


  2. Ha ha. Running keeps us honest. I was going to say the movie line was from Dawn of Justice, but then you said series so…
    anyway, congrats! When people are lining up for Boston, London, etc. you’ll be lining up for your own run! That’s fantastic! And sure, the rehab will continue to be rough, and the first runs after the very first one a bit hard, but it will be awesome!

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    1. Yes! My own run is going to feel as special to me as Boston or London will feel for someone else. Can’t wait.

      Nobody has gotten the movie line yet, but since you guessed I’ll give you a hint. It’s a Sylvester Stallone movie.

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  3. I knew a lot of people in the military who got their first tats while we were in, at about that age, and I would bet most of them regret them a LOT by now haha. Very cool that yours actually has some meaning and doesn’t make you cringe every time you see it!
    The worst part of the first few runs after an injury is worrying it’s not healed after all and it’s about to flare up again and put you back at square one. It’ll suck, but it’ll also be so awesome to be running again!
    I’ve always wanted to try an Alter-G!

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      1. Ha! I definitely would love to hear the story behind that one! I had an English teacher in high school who showed us his cringe-worthy tattoo, as a warning. It was Yosemite Sam, but drunk — he had a bottle instead of a gun in each hand, his eyes were crossed and there were those cartoon birdies flying in circles over his head. It was right above his ankle and the work was really bad, on top of it just being a stupid tattoo.

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