Ahhhhh, the Good Ol’ Days (Days of Speedy Races Past), Thanks to Athlinks

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As most of you know, I’m currently on the mend from a blown up achilles tendon. This gives me lots of time to think about running while I’m not running. I know that I have a long way back, but I will get back. Part of the fuel that I’m using to feed my fire is to attempt to PR a race within 6 months of my green light back to running. I think that’s a very achievable and yet very challenging goal.

Athlinks was the first place I decided to go to be able to check out my history in running. I set up my Athlinks profile long, long ago and a lucky guy with a last name like Birnschein was easily able to claim all of my race results. They are all available, even the little races! My entire running history is available to view. It’s been a long journey. It was fun to see just how far I’ve come. This is where all the fun began…

Step 1: Figure out what distance I might have the best shot at.

Every single one of my PRs, all easily accessible but not easily broken. The first one that jumps out would be the 50k distance, but I’m not going to be anywhere close to ready to PR that distance. I’m not even convinced that I ever want to run another ultra (sorry, Blue Ridge Trail Runner buds). The 8k would be easy, especially if I don’t have to eat 12 donuts at the halfway point again.

I’m guessing that the 10 miler would be the distance that I could PR. The only 10 miler I’ve ever run is the Virginia 10 miler and that’s quite a challenging course. A flatter 10 miler might be pretty crushable.

Step 2: Pick a race.

This is where the social aspect of Athlinks can come in handy. Once you signup and create a profile, you can find people to follow! You can then see what races they are running (if they decide to announce it) and even what they’re goals might be (if they aren’t afraid to share). Athlinks will even create “rivals” for you based on people you follow that have run the same races as you have.

I’m not quite ready to firmly pick one yet since maybe I should take my first steps on a treadmill before getting TOO crazy.

If you are already on Athlinks, feel free to find me and give me a follow. I’ll be sure to do the same. If you aren’t, I do highly recommend it. Even if you aren’t a social butterfly of a runner, it’s a great place to neatly keep your race history without much effort.

Thanks, Athlinks. It was fun to look back on the runner that I’ve been and it’s exciting to think about the runner that I’m going to be.

22 Replies to “Ahhhhh, the Good Ol’ Days (Days of Speedy Races Past), Thanks to Athlinks”

  1. I have an Athlinks profile too. When I got on there it was so fun finding my race results, even races I didn’t remember much about. Everything is on there.

    I want to PR something this year too, so I’m signing up for a distance I haven’t really raced haha. That’s one way to do it.

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  2. I’ve been on Athlinks for years, but I forgot my password at some point, and the “reset password” email never comes through to my email, not even spam. So it looks like I haven’t run a race in three years since I can’t claim any of my results anymore.
    Good luck with the PR pursuit!

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  3. Sorry, Abby. There are more Dave Schultzes who run than I thought possible. But it was still fun to go looking through the results and seeing if I was the fastest Dave Schultz out there (I am). Every once in a while they’ll post a new result from a race I did many years ago and I can snag a new PR from my younger days.

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    1. Congrats on being the fastest of your namesake. I have that honor as well. The only other Randy Birnschein on this earth is my father, and I can CRUSH him (even with the torn Achilles haha).


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