PT (Physical Therapy) – It’s Good for You, it’s Good for Me!

Good morning, friends and readers! If you take the time to actually read this stuff I’m putting out, you’re likely both.

The title of my post takes me back to my boot camp days in the Navy, where we marched around and got yelled at occasionally. Nowadays, when I think PT I think “fix something”. Right now, it’s all about getting this darn Achilles thing back to normal.

That’s about how I remember it.


I had my first official visit to the PT yesterday and learned some stuff.

  • I didn’t screw up the surgeon’s good work. My tendon had plenty of tension on it. You want it to be tight rather than loose. You can work out tight, but if it’s loose there’s no getting that tightness back. Mine was tight, but not TOO tight.
  • My balance is awful! It’s bad for both legs really, but it was laughably bad on my injured leg. I’m just happy that I can stand on one leg with it, which leads me to my next bullet…
  • I was being overcautious. I need to take good care of this thing, but it isn’t made of glass. The way the PT had me treat it makes me realize that it can take more than I was willing to dish out. I still need to be careful, but not THAT careful.
  • I can ride a stationary bike with no boot! Yeah, it was 5 minutes with practically no resistance but still a victory in my mind.
  • I’m going to need my right shoe. I’m so used to not needing one that I didn’t bring one to PT. I did everything in just my socks.

Last night at choir practice (yes, I sing in a choir), I noticed my good buddy Dudley and I are twinsies! Poor guy damaged some tendons and is on the mend. We did get a pic of course.

Boot Bros.


This recovery is going to be a slow process. I’ll work and wait, and work and wait. I haven’t even said the “R” word to the PTs yet. I don’t even want to think about it. My first mile is still a long way from here.

Anybody have any favorite cross-training they like to do when they can’t run? If you can’t run, do you still like to be involved with runner buds?

6 Replies to “PT (Physical Therapy) – It’s Good for You, it’s Good for Me!”

  1. I remember the other PT like that too 🙂 It’s weird, as an older adult, to no longer think of PT as THAT PT.
    I feel like overly cautious has to be a good thing, until you were told otherwise. So GLAD to hear that things are great! It has to be a good feeling to get that reassurance from an expert who knows what it should look/feel like. I think it’s hilarious that you forgot your shoe but definitely seems like something easy to forget when you haven’t been using it! Hell yes for no more boot!!!!

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  2. Boot bros!! That is too cool that you are in choir. I was in choir in both high school and college and really loved it. As far as workouts while sidelined, I know friends that have done the pool running, and alter-g? I’ve not tried the alter-g but kind of want to just to see what it feels like. When I first started getting into spin leading into me teaching it, it was when I was injured and I actually fell in love with that bike after that because of how low impact it is and you can still get an amazing workout!! But yeah. Glad you are on the mend, just keep hanging in there and staying positive!

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