Post Achilles Surgery Week 6 (almost) – Baby Steps, Literally

Hello! I’m so excited to post this and I just couldn’t wait until Saturday/Sunday when I usually update my recovery. However, I had my first appointment with the surgeon since the surgery way back on December 16th.

I’ve been doing what I can in the gym at least 3 days a week. I started doing a little TRX, which is pretty hard on the core muscles. They are engaged most of the time while my feet are suspended in the straps. Hard. Work. I’m STILL hitting that armbike! Soon enough, I’ll be sporting some major runner’s arms.

Bonus points for a fellow Navy guy.

Wednesday I took my last insert out of my boot. It was great to walk around a little more normally with both of my legs close to the same length. That was nice. The stretchy pain that I had with the removal of the first two inserts didn’t happen the last two times.

The inserts were tough. I couldn’t find a size 12.5 high heel for the other foot.

Today was the doctor’s appointment. I was so excited to have news. Any news. Good. Bad. Anything. Usually, I have a million questions and then I totally blank when the time comes. This time, Jen and I remembered pretty much everything! Here’s a recap:

  • I’m off the crutches! I do still need them a little, but I’m supposed to toughen up and quit them. I will.
  • I got my referral for PT, which means it’s time to get to work!
  • I can start swimming as soon as my incision scab goes bye bye.
  • I get to take off my boot! For now, I can walk around the house without it but need to wear it outside for 2 more weeks. I can live with that.
  • I can attempt to drive in 2 weeks! I’ll make it happen.
  • Two legged showers!

I didn’t even ask about running. I don’t even want to think about it. Right now, walking is SO awkward. It’s both physical AND mental. I don’t trust it and it’s still so stiff. It’s a really strange feeling to try and use something that has been destroyed and rebuilt. I get why the rehab process takes so long. I have a long way to go. Baby steps…

For now, I’m continuing to set little goals and celebrate them. Today’s appointment was huge for me, so I celebrated by sitting around without a boot and drinking an amazing beer.


I know I’m going to have tough weeks ahead. Not this week though.


15 Replies to “Post Achilles Surgery Week 6 (almost) – Baby Steps, Literally”

  1. Hooray for progress and good news! I’m sure it’s going by REALLY slowly for you but it seems to be going so fast from this end. Like you said, baby steps and you’ll be there before you know it. p.s. I’ll smack someone if they don’t know who Popeye is…

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