Product Review – Sweat X Sport, Defeat the Permastank

Disclaimer: I received products from Sweat X Sport to review as part of being a BibRave Pro (ambassador). Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

Hello. My name is Randy, and I stink. I don’t ALWAYS stink, but when I go for a run I sure do. It’s not good. My family has made that very clear. The other problem is that once I find workout clothes that I like, I NEVER want to let them go. NEVER!

I wash my workout gear separately from my regular stuff, so as not to subject clothes that I don’t stink in to the clothes that I DO stink in. I’ve used many different detergents and methods for getting my stuff clean. Some have involved running them through 2 cycles and 2 different detergents! I try, that’s for sure.

From the Sweat X Website

I first gave Sweat X a shot by washing my workout clothes with the standard single cap full and using warm water. Some of the other activewear specific detergents I’ve used were what I’d call odorless, but Sweat X has a pleasant but not overwhelming smell. My clothes came out pretty good, but not all that different from similar products.

Old Richmond Shirt – Saved from the Trash!


The true test came when I decided to wash the worst of the worst. My old 2009 Richmond Marathon shirt and a few other items that I’ve been considering saying goodbye to went into the next load. This time I used 2 cap fulls, since the directions suggest it for larger or more stanktastic (maybe the directions don’t say stanktastic, but you get the drift). I was fairly impressed. I wasn’t afraid to stick my face into that shirt, so that says a lot.

I’ll be curious to see the lasting effect of Sweat X Sport. I’m confident enough in it that I’ll only be using one cycle to wash my workout clothes, instead of the 2 cycles that I’ve been doing. We’ll see how it goes. If you see me at the gym, feel free to walk up and give me a good sniff. Just kidding. Please don’t. For your sake.

The face says it all. There were stink lines coming from that shoe.

Along with the Sweat X Sport detergent, I also received some Sweat X Xtreme Odor Eliminator. I do have some “Xtreme” odors to deal with, and the first one I noticed was the stench coming from these old Hokas. They’ve had their share of miles and they’ve had their share of rainstorms, so they needed some help. I tried a few sprays and the first time it was as if a good smell was layered on top of a stinky one. I tried it again. More good smell, less stinky smell. I figured one more time might do it and the third time I pulled the insole out and sprayed a few times underneath it. Three times a charm (a total of about 10-12 sprays). The stink was barely noticeable and a barely put a dent in the bottle so there’s plenty left. Winner!

Much better!

All in all, I was pretty pleased with how things went using Sweat X products. As someone that puts his gear to the test, I’m confident that if it worked well for me it would work well for most of you.

Sweat X has a ton of reasons to say what makes them good on their website and it was more than I could post, so a link to that info is here.

If you think you’d like to give this stuff a shot, use code “BibRave15” for 15% off of your purchase at

16 Replies to “Product Review – Sweat X Sport, Defeat the Permastank”

  1. Nice! I have to admit that my trail running shoes smell AWFUL. Like awful. Like I need to leave them in the garage awful and even then sometimes my husband will take mercy on them and soak them in baking soda awful! Glad to know that this stuff did work eventually. I’ll be curious to know how fast the smell comes back – like is it a spray after every use type thing? Or a spray and done for a while type thing?

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