Post Achilles Surgery Week 5 – And I Think it’s Gonna be a Long, Long Time

Good morning! I have a few minutes before heading out to my daughter’s indoor soccer game so I figured I’d get started wihle I have a hot cup of coffee to fuel me. I’m sure this week’s post title is an easy one to figure out as far as where I got it.

I titled last week’s post with a “Week 5” in it, then quickly realized that it had in fact only been 4 weeks. That was a temporary bummer. That happens to me every once in a while on a run where I somehow think I’ve run more miles than I have. That can be a bit of a mental obstacle. On the other hand, it’s awesome when you have less miles left than you think you do.

Heel insert #3

I took out yet another heel insert to stretch out the tendon and only have one left! I’m getting used to the process and really didn’t have much pain this time around. That’s a plus 🙂

I’ve been going to the gym about 3 times a week. Lots of handbike. Soooooo much handbike. I’m lifting some weights too and that’s certainly something I can use. One thing I’m pretty excited about is that I’ll be incorporating TRX (the stuff with the straps) into my workouts. There’s a ton of stability and core strength involved and every runner can stand to improve those areas. They’ll help a ton with the progress of my rehab too.

BibRave stuff!

I received my BibRave stuff in the mail this week! It’s one of the perks of committing to staying involved with the running community as a BibRave Pro. I test and review gear for runners and run and review races (that part will have to come later). Anyone can sign up and get involved by reviewing races and connecting with other runners. It’s great to have the opinions of other runners when researching your next big race.

Lastly, I’m still involved with my running buddies. They are STILL picking me up for coffee and checking in with me to make sure I haven’t lost my mind yet. I’m hanging in there hehe. My #1 runemy Robbie did an awesome thing for me and brought me a shirt that he had made for me yesterday. We were talking about staying motivated during my rehab and the idea came up. He went and did it for me. I’m looking forward to getting this tendon fixed and racing Robbie again.

Well, that’s about it for this week. I’m STILL being positive and I’m setting the smallest of goals for myself. Maybe I should make a paper chain to lay out the milestones or something.

How’s everybody else doing this week? Are you spending your winter running outside or hitting that treadmill?


30 Replies to “Post Achilles Surgery Week 5 – And I Think it’s Gonna be a Long, Long Time”

  1. I’m sure you’ve been more frustrated than the post indicates, but looks like you had a good week. So glad your friends are supporting you and love that shirt. I bet hand cycling and weights gets boring, but it will be fun to add TRX to the mix. If nothing else, you’ll come back to running super buff, right?

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  2. The shirt is awesome! You should see if you can add check marks along the way to show progress.
    I’m the crazy person who is outside running. The other week I was out in freezing rain. That just makes us stronger though right?

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    1. It sure does! I love being the only one out running on a horrible day, or even better when there’s one other runner out there and when you pass by each other there is an instant kinship. I’ve already thought about the check marks. I’m on it 😀


      1. Long to be honest. If I remember correctly, it took around six months for me to start some light running. However, there was a two week delay from rupture to operation, which impacted my progress – I think the quicker the surgery after rupture, the quicker the recovery tends to be

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      2. I’m expecting a long recovery for sure. I’m just hopeful that I can get back to form. I was lucky enough to have surgery <48 hours after the injury occurred.


  3. Way to stay positive! I can’t imagine being out of commission for so long. The longest I was ever down and out was in early 2010. I got mono and my liver (not spleen which is the norm) was enlarged and I wasn’t cleared to run until that went back to normal size and my blood work came back good. I didn’t work out in any capacity for at least a month. I remember going to the high school track and not being able to complete a half mile; I wanted to cry. Fortunately it sounds like you’re able to still get in some alternative workouts that I agree will likely make you stronger overall when you’re able to get back to training… cool new shirt too!

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  4. I kept meaning to check to see if you’d updated your recovery progress. Last heel insert is exciting! Love the shirt too! It’ll feel good to check off those boxes.
    I don’t have a treadmill or belong to a gym. Those two weeks after Christmas when it was constantly in the single digits was the first time I’ve ever thought about joining the gym in town, just to use the treadmill. My cheapness won out though.

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