Post Achilles Surgery Week 4 – It’s a Long, Hard Walk. And I’m Gonna Walk. Hard.

As I was hobbling around for 3/4 of a mile yesterday, I thought about this movie line. It IS a long, hard walk right now. The movie is a goofy mess, but for some reason all goofy messes tend to embed themselves into my brain forever. I wish there was a way to delete items from my mind like a hard drive. I have a TON of waste in there.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. It would be much sweeter if I could just say I’m recovered, but that’s wishful thinking of course. Any of you know where i might find a Genie around?

Image result for aladdin genie
I’m halfway done with my heel inserts! The pain of taking the most recent insert out only lasted one night and then it was back to feeling relatively normal again.

I’ve been to the gym a few times. I’m mainly lifting weights and hitting that armbike, but I’m also doing the exercises that my PT gave me to “pre-hab” and try to maintain the muscles around my injury without actually using the areas that I can’t use yet.

My family and friends are still taking great care of me. They picked me up and took me home for our weekly coffee meeting this morning.

The hardest part of my week was going to watch my teammates play basketball on Thursday night. It’s really hard to watch people do something that you want so badly to be doing with them! At least I didn’t have any injury flashbacks. We went out for beers after the game, so I had that going for me. 🙂

Friday night I watched Jen play indoor soccer. I wanted to play that too! We went out for beers after that too though. I’m starting to sense a trend here.

This week I plan to hit the gym for 3 days and maybe do a little more walking. I’ll take another insert out. Time will continue ticking. I’m not one to wish time away from my life, but the faster the next 5-6 months go, the better.

Once again, I thank you all for helping me pass the time and encouraging me through this. We’re one week closer…

16 Replies to “Post Achilles Surgery Week 4 – It’s a Long, Hard Walk. And I’m Gonna Walk. Hard.”

  1. I’m so glad you’re in good spirits and are doing the PT exercises and what you can. Also it’s great that you can still be with friends and go out for beers and feel included. I feel like sometimes when we’re injured, it’s hard to keep up the mindset that we are still athletes and will do our sports again, even if we’re not right now. Glad things are going well so far!

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  2. I truly admire your positive attitude towards your recovery and for remaining involved with your friends while they play games and for finding exercises that you can do! I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve gone through recovery a few times after issues/surgery on my foot and every single time I let it get the best of me… I checked out and refused to do any athletic anything since I couldn’t walk/run and do what I wanted to do. Pity Party, much? haha.

    So kudos to you for playing the long game and being smart about keeping yourself out of that self-pity party that I’ve always descended into!

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    1. Thanks, Michelle. It’s not easy to stay positive and I can totally understand how you felt the way you did when going through similar issues. Let’s hope that those days are behind you for good. 🙂

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  3. It’s awesome that you are able to do some things to keep yourself in shape. Waiting must be so hard, but at least you won’t be starting at zero? Hope recovery continues to go well!

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  4. I think you might be on to something here… all of the beers, none of the pre-beer exertion! Just kidding, I know it sucks being sidelined, but I’m glad you’re keeping up with the pre-hab/cross training and staying as involved as possible. It’s hard to do.

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