Post Achilles Surgery Week 3 – I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends

This week’s title inspiration is too easy. I think there’s more than one right answer as to where it comes from.

After last week’s post, I wasn’t sure I was going to write about my progress every week. I didn’t think I’d have enough to write about. I wasn’t sure how motivated I’d be either. This Achilles recovery is a lot like a marathon itself. If I start thinking about how many weeks I have to go, it’s going to take forever. I have to take it one week at a time. I have to set little goals and find little things to be excited about.

This week there has been some progress and with that some pain. The first part of my recovery involves keeping the tendon stabilized in a boot. The tendon is kept in short a position as possible and this is done by using heel inserts in my boot to raise my heel up around 4-5 inches. Each week, 1/4 of the insert is removed and this allows the tendon to slowly stretch out. That’s where the pain comes in…

I took out the first part of the insert on Wednesday night. Prior to that, I was walking around fairly pain-free and taking Ibuprofen. That night, I needed the Percocet to get to sleep. I woke up about 4 hours later, exactly when the first pill wore off. I needed another one right away. That was the case for the first couple of nights. It’s better now, but next Wednesday is coming. I’m actually happy about this pain because it means I’m getting one step closer to getting to work on rehab.

Now for the good parts:

I walked a mile! This doesn’t sound like much, but walking a mile in my hilly neighborhood on crutches is no small feat. It was so awesome to post that to Strava.

Not even the coldest cold could stop me.

I went to the gym! I can use most of the weight lifting machines and I found the only machine that I can use for cardio…the arm bike! I used that thing for 30 minutes. My arms are going to mutate after all is said and done. I promised some before and after pics, so that we can see the changes. I’ll probably cheat and use some spray tan.

I’m a pro on crutches now! I was like Bambi on ice when I first had to use them, but now I’d race anybody.

I have some great people in my life. My family (especially my wife) are taking good care of me. They get me things and are understanding of the things that I can’t do. They aren’t letting me be TOO helpless and are challenging me to make progress. My co-workers drive me to and from work, come down to visit me, get my coffee and drink coffee with me when I can’t go to the usual hang out spot. My running friends make time to have coffee with me on Sunday mornings and even pick me up and take me home. I’m really blessed to have so many great people.

A custom 1st floor office. I wear what I want now too.

Then there’s the online running community. It’s amazing to feel so close to so many people that I’ve never met. The encouragement is amazing. I’m not sure what I’d do without you crazy people.
For next week, one more insert is coming out. I plan to go to the gym all week long. I’m gonna hit that armbike hard. For now, I’ve gotta go grease up my biceps to get ready for that photo op.

Image result for hulk hogan
Eat your vitamins and say your prayers, Brother.

15 Replies to “Post Achilles Surgery Week 3 – I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends”

  1. There’s only one answer to that title — the Beatles, duh.
    I thought I was doing something, getting in my run despite the cold, but to go out in that nonsense to walk a mile on crutches?? You are dedicated!
    The heel insert removals reminded me of when I was in elementary school and I had to wear a retainer to widen the roof of my mouth, to get ready for braces down the road. There was a screw in the middle of the retainer. Every three days, my mom had to take a tiny key and widen the screw just a bit. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it hurt SO bad. It was all worth it when I got braces and eventually no longer had “piranha teeth” (Clark’s words ha.) Sounds like you’re doing this achilles recovery thing the right way, keep it up!

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