Fall Running – And I Feel, so Much Depends on the Weather

Good morning everyone! I finished up a tempo run with running buddies MC and Brenton this morning and I’m feeling quite the runner’s high at the moment, so I decided to write a quick post about this morning’s run and the optimism of summer’s end.

First things first, name the band whose lyrics are the origin of today’s blog post title. It’s an easy one!


Today’s tempo was the first tempo run of my entire training plan (this is week 11) that we didn’t run at Percival’s Island, which is a friendly and flat place to run.

Definitely flat, or at least Lynchburg flat.


I’d been thinking about how the Richmond course isn’t exactly hilly but isn’t flat as a pancake either. Ultimately, I decided to make today’s tempo a little hilly and chose Lake Loops. They are my favorite! Usually, I only run easy lake loops though and that might be why I love it there so much.

This is 2 lake loops. Lots of rolling hills.


My training plan called for 5 miles at a 7:14 pace (that’s marathon goal pace, gross). I expected to dial it down a little because of the rolling hills, since every tempo run to date had been flat. My plan was to shoot for the goal pace and hold onto it as best I could without overdoing it.

Fast again, naturally.


Well, that didn’t go as planned. Brenton, MC and I were all out too fast and we knew it. I did my best to settle down and Brenton stuck with me, but MC did not. She was feeling it and decided to just go with it, which I completely get. Her times are even faster than these. As much as Brenton and I tried to get on pace, we were too fast. Chasing MC didn’t help, but the HUGE factor was the weather. The sweet, glorious weather. FALL weather.

My last tempo run was 66 degrees at 5:30am. This one was 48 degrees. What a difference! If this is a sign of things to come, we runners have much to be optimistic about.

How about you other runners out there? Can you feel the summer work paying off? Are you still dealing with the summer? If so, hang in there.


25 Replies to “Fall Running – And I Feel, so Much Depends on the Weather”

  1. I was going to mention the weather in my last post–it made such a HUGE difference on my 18 miler on sunday. It was about 58 degrees and my first run in cooler weather, it was crazy how much easier some things were. I think we have discussed my sweating issues so ending with socks that i didn’t have to ring out after was pretty great!!

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      1. Suffering through it pays off when it finally does cool down. I ran the Seattle rnr Half once with no specific half training and it was amazing how easy 1:30 felt. That was in June 2016.

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  2. The song is from STP, of course, of course (I love a good trivia question, ☺). Loving the fall weather these days, my favorite time of year! You’re very fortunate to have some great running friends to keep you in line, 😁

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  3. I know the song, just not the band, lol!

    Still hot here in Arizona, jaja!! But I’m used to it. I prefer warmer weather than cold, actually, but even this summer was brutal for me.

    Great run and looking forward to your race!!!

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  4. Fall weather is the best! Even better than spring, even though temp wise they’re the same. I think it’s because it’s easier to transition to cooler from warmer temp than the other way around.

    Sometimes you have those awesome days and you just gotta go with it. Nice run!

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