Richmond Marathon Training Week 2 – Stankonia

Good morning! Another week is in the books (a term that will likely die or lose meaning with technology) and I lived to blog about it. This week featured unpleasant heat, stomach problems and a trip to the beach for some out of town suffering. All in all it wasn’t a bad week, just one of those that I’m happy to be done with and ready to move on to the next one.

One lesson that I’ll continue to learn is that rest is equally as important as any times or climbs that I might post on Strava (follow me here). They should make a sleep Strava so that we are motivated to post and brag about how much sleep we get. Competitive sleeping sounds AMAZING. Another lesson I learned is that you don’t want to leave your running clothes in your car overnight, hence the title of my post.

Per my training schedule, week 2’s plan consisted of just 3 runs: The track day, the tempo run and the long run. To repeat week 1, I added an extra trail run (that’s cross-training I say). Soon I’ll have to stop adding runs. Either I trust my plan or I don’t. It’s just so hard to transition out of the social piece of running which now means so much to me. I liked it better when I didn’t want running buddies.

Sunday – Rest

I miss my lake loop runs with friends, but I can’t be just adding runs all willy-nilly (see Wednesday).

Monday – Cross-Training

I’m supposed to make my cross-training hurt a bit, since I have so few running days and I think I accomplished that goal. I started with about 30 minutes of weights (nothing too heavy) and then went on to 15 minutes of rowing at an unpleasant pace. I’m hoping the rowing will do me some good. After the rowing came the arc trainer for 20 minutes. If you aren’t familiar with an arc trainer, it’s basically an elliptical but the stride is variable. It will go from cross-country skiing to stair climbing. I don’t mind it at all, which probably means it’s too easy.

Track Tuesday – (Planned, 4x1200m @5:45 to 5:50 pace)

Not the pace I wanted, but I didn’t trackpoop.



First I’ll say this. The 1200m distance is not cool. We are not friends. The only good to come out of it is that it gave me the idea to post about how I feel about various race distances. That was a fun one to write. I was not feeling great that morning. I wasn’t sick, but my stomach wasn’t “track ready”. I was sweating pretty hard after the warmup mile. Luckily, my younger, faster, cooler (and more handsome) running buddy Brenton was there to push me through. I couldn’t stand for him to beat me around the track by TOO much, so that kept me close enough to my goal pace, all things considered (like my tummy).

Wednesday – (Planned, Rest Day), (Actual, 4.5 trail miles)

I’m a sucker for a nice day and a new pair of shoes, so I went on ANOTHER unplanned run this week. I’ve been justifying it by sticking to the thought that trail running is a cross-training activity of sorts. You definitely use different muscles and the impact is less than road running. Either way, I’m going to have to cut back on doing this. The one exception will be during my trip to Tahoe in a couple of weeks. I think I HAVE to run some trails there because Tahoe. That will give me a chance to give these UA Horizon RTTs some better action for the purpose of a thorough review.

Still pretty for a trail shoe. Tahoe might take care of that.


I’ve had Under Armour road shoes before, but never realized that UA was getting into the trails. They even have a trail series. I’m a road runner at heart, but some of these races look AMAZING. I can see the appeal in trail racing, that’s for sure. The hardest part for me is the variation in pace throughout the race. I like knowing what my goal pace is and sticking to it, without exception. That doesn’t work so well for trails.

Tempo Thursday (Planned, 5 mile tempo @6:45 – 6:50 pace)

I like these!


I had high expectations for this one based on last week’s tempo. Last week I ran 3 miles at faster than a 6:30 pace, so I thought surely I’d have no problem slowing to the planned pace and just adding a couple of miles. I was wrong. It took a great deal more effort to hold the pace, but I did hold it. Luckily, I had some company again this week to keep me going. My running buddies actually passed me up a bit in the last couple of miles, but I stuck to my pace and let them go on ahead. I was a real sweathog after this one.

Friday (Cross-Training)

Honestly, I really didn’t want to do this. First, I had to do it at lunch and I was hungry. Second, I had a 4 hour drive to Virginia Beach ahead of me. I decided to just get in and get out. I rowed like my life depended on it and then did a little elliptical and a little VersaClimber. I broke a good sweat, took a quick shower and got on the road.

Saturday Long Run (Planned 12 miles)

I got my miles in while my wife and her teammates were playing soccer in an annual tournament. It was one of those runs where I knew 3 miles in that I was going to suffer. It was muggy and hot. The sun beat me down. While running around the fields, I stopped right at mile 7 to “watch the game”. It was an excuse. I needed a break. That wasn’t the only break I took. It was discouraging, but I’m going to go ahead and blame the weather. I wish that I’d brought some Tailwind with me. I’ll certainly try it out next week.

The overall pace is just right, but it was no negative split.

It was nice to get the run done and move on to enjoying the weekend. We enjoyed some delicious food and delicious beer and hung out at the beach for a bit. We do this soccer tournament thing every year at this time. It also happens to be our anniversary weekend (13 years now). The romance is taken out a bit, but we have a great time with friends and with each other. I love seeing my wife do something she loves, so we’re both happy.

13 years have flown by. Check out Poseidon’s abs.

One thing that made my run tougher was a lack of good music. I like most genres, but if it’s country I probably wouldn’t run to it.  Anybody have any go-to songs to share with me?

11 Replies to “Richmond Marathon Training Week 2 – Stankonia”

  1. Followed you on Strava. The sleep idea is great and funny! Great work on your tempo run! I am about to head out for mine…
    Hmmm…I am all over the place with music (avoiding country at all costs)…a few suggestions…imagine dragons? T.I’s Live Your Life, Jay Z Run This Town, Stamina by SIA.


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