Marathon Training Week 1 Recap – Purple Powerade!

As I was told by a running buddy yesterday, “if you’re reading this, you’re probably my mom.” Thanks for sticking it out with me as I continue to ramble about running, Mom. Who are we kidding? There’s no WAY my mom is reading this stuff. At this point, my demographic consists or true running addicts like myself or people that I’ve pounded into submission with constant lobbying on Twitter or Facebook.

Monday – Planned (Cross-Training), Actual (Cross-Training)

Day 1 of my marathon training and I don’t even get to run?! What buffoon is responsible for THAT? I worked out at lunchtime, which for me is a challenge. My tummy (I know it’s a stomach, but I’m a dad) is growling by 11:00, so holding out for a trip to the work gym takes a strong will.

I started with 15 minutes of rowing at a medium intensity. I find rowing to be an excellent tool. It’s cardio, but will also strengthen you up a bit. 15 minutes seemed to take forever and I was honestly a bit worn out afterward. My original plan was to do 15 on the rower and jump right into 15 on the dreaded VersaClimber, but that didn’t seem like it was going to happen so I opted to jump on an elliptical for 10 to slow down my roll a bit. The elliptical was boring and not very constructive. After that I finally summoned up the courage to hit the VersaClimber and it DESTROYED me. 6 minutes was all I could handle and I was a soupy, sweaty mess. No pictures, though I’ve been told “pics or it didn’t happen.”

Track Tuesday! – Planned (8×400 @1:22), Actual (8×400, 5.1 miles with w/u + c/d)

My first training run! I was amped up! Honestly, my first day of not eating any total crap gave me some confidence and had me feeling pretty good. For shoes I decided on my old pair of Saucony Virratas, Never heard of them? Most people haven’t. They are a zero drop model that Saucony made very briefly and then quit on. I bought them by accident from Amazon thinking they were a different model, but I LOVE them. They make for an excellent short distance speed shoe.

Pretty splits. Pretty painful splits.

I managed to hang pretty well on my splits, even with the first 400 being WAY too fast. I had my track buddy Amy running with me on all 8 of them, and she wouldn’t let me slow up at all. This track workout hurt worse than most of them I’d done lately and I think that’s due to an ambitious set of goal paces.

Wednesday – Planned (Rest), Actual (4.3 trail miles)

This run was NOT part of my training, but when you get a brand new pair of UA Horizon RTTs (provided by BibRave for my review to come later) you kind of have to run in them right away!

New shoes make me smile every time.

I ended up joining my friends in the Blue Ridge Trail Runners for an easy one up in the hills. Many of them were out to run more miles and harder miles than I intended, so a few of us split off and did our own thing. My friends Josh and Jamie were great company, mostly ridiculing me about blogging and also about being a road runner. They’re good company, so I shared my delicious Purple Powerade with them. Purple Powerade is magical stuff! It’s like liquid candy, but the bottle says that the calories are “energy” and who am I to argue? I do need energy, right?

This stuff should be illegal.

This run was actually a nice recovery from the track day, but again not part of my training plan. As sad as it is, I’ll have to refrain from these unplanned runs in the future and stay focused on Richmond.

Tempo Thursday – Planned (3 miles @6:30 + w/u and c/d), Actual (Yes!)

The highlight of my week (for multiple reasons). I decided to be a big, dumb dope by running on an off day and by being sociable on Wednesday evening. Beers were consumed. Delicious, alcohol-filled beers. A new brewery named Beale’s opened up in the small town of Bedford and I couldn’t beat the temptation of checking it out.

Oatmeal Stout. Yummmmmmm.

As I was getting ready to head to bed that night at around 11pm, I knew my 5:15am wakeup would be arriving shortly. I woke up questioning my decisions from the night before as well as my goal pace. The pace is pretty aggressive and ambitious, even when I DON’T drink the night before and stay up too late. Luckily, one running buddy agreed to meet with me and try out the pace, so I had no choice but to show up and give it a shot. I’m pretty stubborn about meeting my commitments.

Not too shabby!

Somehow, we ended up running too fast! I can thank stubbornness and pride for this one. I didn’t want to be the one to back off, so running buddy and I just kept on truckin’. To be able to basically run a race pace on a training day is a HUGE confidence booster, especially since this is just Week 1. I’m optimistic about how fast I could end up by the time I’m fully trained. 🙂

Friday – Planned (Cross-Training/Softball), Actual (Cross-Training/Rainout)

Cross-training is not fun. I’m hoping that I’ll find a way to make it fun, but for now it’s just something I do for physical work when I can’t run. I do think it can make me a stronger runner and I’m trying to keep that in mind. This workout consisted of some light weight/high rep weight lifting,  15 minutes of rowing, and 20 minutes on an arc trainer. We had a softball doubleheader scheduled, but of course it was rained out (thanks, Virginia summers).

Saturday Long Run – Planned (10 miles @7:30-7:45), Actual (10 miles @7:44)

Guess where the climb was!

I was VERY happy with this one. I was smart enough to get a good night’s rest instead of the stupidity that occurred on Wednesday night. My course choice wasn’t the wisest, but I wanted to get some of the Lynchburg Half Marathon worked in to mentally prepare me for the upcoming race on August 12th. The course is hot, boring and has a bit of a climb involved.

I decided to start incorporating some of the necessary habits as part of my marathon training. I carried water (20oz on a Nathan belt) and I brought a couple of chocolate Gus. I usually don’t have that stuff for 10 miles, but it’s more about getting myself used to those things when the distance goes up. I took the first Gu just before we started and the 2nd Gu at the halfway point. Unfortunately, I think the 2nd Gu was a very old Gu. There were chunks. Sorry if I just made anybody nauseous.

I started my run a little on the slow side and had trouble finding the desired pace. I ended up finding it after the first mile, but then got to the climb. I knew holding the pace would be regrettable so I decided to try to run the hill by effort rather than pace. The hill had my lungs working hard, but my legs were fresh enough. I got my lungs back shortly after the hill leveled out. The 2nd half of the run was GRRRRRRRRREAT! I had no problem at all keeping my desired pace. The hard part was not running too fast 🙂

Tony the Tiger loves negative splits.

As if my awesome Saturday long run wasn’t enough, I also received my BibRave shirt and Buff in the mail! I’m really excited to show these off on race days and even more excited for the opportunity to be a BibRave Pro.  I’m looking forward to expanding my involvement with the running community, trying and reviewing new races and new stuff! BibRave is still taking applications to join the cause as a BibRave Pro. You can apply here.

Now it’s official.

Sunday – Planned (Rest), Actual (Rest, boo hoo)

This was the hardest day of the week for me. I LOVE my Sunday runs. My running buddies and I often get together at 5:30am and run a couple of loops about the quiet and scenic Timber Lake. I’m doing my best to stick to my plan and only run 3 days a week. I’ll cheat once in a while, but I’d already cheated on Wednesday. So, no lake for me!

Of course it was the most beautiful July day ever! People that know me were gasping when I told them I wasn’t running today. Why wouldn’t I? This is where training plans can be a real buzzkill and take the fun out of running. Maybe I’m sticking to the script a little too much. I could probably handle a few easy miles without everything falling apart on me, right? How do all of you handle that sort of thing?

Well, week 1 is in the books (literally, on Strava). I’m happy with the way it’s gone so far. Looking forward to Week 2!





5 Replies to “Marathon Training Week 1 Recap – Purple Powerade!”

  1. I’m racing August 12th too, but in Vancouver with a bunch of yoga-loving runners. LOL. Great job for your first week. I totally deviated from my plan for the first 2 weeks of my plan because the mileage was too low for me. LOL. I also threw in a ton of crosstraining because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep that up later on in the program. Good luck with week 2!

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