Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Runemies Closer

Happy Monday! In reality, happy Mondays are like unicorns, chupacabras or some other made up creature. I’ve never had one (vacations don’t count). This week marks my last week of running for enjoyment, or at least without a plan. We all enjoy EVERY run, right? I know that’s as much a myth as a happy Monday.

One week from today I’ll be starting my training for the Richmond Marathon on Nov 11 with a follow up marathon at Rehoboth Beach on Dec 2. Training will be based on the “Run Less, Run Faster” approach that is known as the FIRST program. An article related to this training can be found here As I get into training, I’ll be posting much more about the details but today’s post is about something else.
On Saturday I ran the Commonwealth Games 5k, held at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. This was the 6th of 7 races that make up the Lynchburg Road Runners Race Series. Lynchburg isn’t a huge city, so most of the runners that compete in the series know each other. Many of us run together, both for fun and for training. We encourage each other and truly want the best for each other, but of course we want to beat each other too.

My good friend Robbie is probably the best example of this. He and I have been running against each other for quite some time now. Over the years, we’ve gone back and forth as to who finishes ahead of who on any given race day. Robbie will say that I’m the better runner, but I’d say the same about him.

Saturday was certainly Robbie’s day. I could tell that he was feeling good as he passed me at around mile 2. That was ok with me as I had other goals. My first priority was to win my AG to practically clinch the series win. My second priority was to beat a 61 year old man named Preston Evans. Preston is a freak of nature, a 61 year old man with the body of a 31 year old man. He’s also about as mentally strong as it gets. He had beaten me the previous two races and I was getting quite tired of it.

Who won this race is debatable. I think I did. 😀

Preston was on my heels for about 2.9 miles. He’s been doing that every race. The man is TOUGH. He has confidence that he can wear me out and I’ll give up. Much of the time he’s right. Not this time. The course finished on a bit of a downhill. As we headed down the final stretch I saw the clock. It read 19 and some change. I had a shot at breaking 20 AND beating Preston. What more motivation did I need?! The photographer caught the moment perfectly.

Time to roll!


My desire to beat my pal Preston led me to win my AG and finish 11th overall. Robbie finished 10th and had his best 5k in quite a while.

1st Age group!

We were all pretty happy with the results. I love how hard we work to beat each other while being great friends afterward. Some of us went out for celebratory drinks that evening. It was so much fun to talk about the race, the strategy and the struggles.

Robbie and I: Runemies forever.

After a few of those delicious beverages, the trash talk started up. It’s all in fun, but no doubt it can fuel the fire. Robbie was doing his best to get old Preston and me fired up. He’s quite the promoter. It got all WWE up in there.

Sending a message to my opponents 😂

Running forms strong bonds. I’ve met so many great people. I hope we can do this forever, or at least until we’re all as old as Preston.

The medal looks all official and stuff

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