My Case for #TrackTuesday

Good morning! I’m slowly but surely working my way back to normal after spending a week in Topsail Island, NC. I ran every day while at the beach and most days I ran on the beach. I thought the novelty would wear off, but I really enjoyed running along the water, so long as the sand was packed down a bit. I made the mistake of running on dry sand one day for about 2 miles and my legs and lungs paid the price. I took the stairs up to the road as soon as I was able.
I’m not here to talk about the past today. I’m here to talk about the future! Our future, running at the track on Tuesdays (you can do it any day you like, but Track Tuesday is catchy).
After talking with several runners about track workouts, I think that many runners associate the track with “fasties” and might not think that the track is for them. I’m here to disagree with that belief and tell you why.
Several running buddies and I have been meeting at the track bright and early at 5:30am on most Tuesdays. We are all of different abilities and have different goals. We don’t often run the exact same workouts. Most of us will admit that we might not make it there if not for the camaraderie and accountability associated with knowing others will be there and are counting on us to be there.
As I stated above, we don’t all have the same abilities and we don’t all have the same goals or plans, but we have a few things in common:
1. We love the runner’s high. I can’t think of a more consistent way to get it than by burning up some laps at the track.

2. We like the perks of tracking running. The track is flat and a good track is easier on the feet than the pavement.

3. The kids in us love to pretend we’re in the Olympics.

4. We like getting better at stuff. Each of us that have somewhat regularly attended Track Tuesday has seen improvement. PRs have been attained and at a minimum, you’ll get a little extra “kick”.

The track doesn’t have to hurt, although it sure is good for you if it does. Yes, running the same thing over and over again can sure be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Add some hurdles and the boredom will disappear in a hurry (full disclosure, I’ve NEVER added hurdles).

There’s also this: Track shoes are cool. Like really cool. I just bought some for the first time and can’t WAIT to try them out.

So, I’m hoping that I can convince you (yes, YOU) to give your local track a shot. You’re gonna like the way you run, I guarantee it.

Track Buds

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